PPG Envirobase



Paint and Painting Equipment

Ever aware of environmental considerations, JV Crash are delighted to be heavily involved with PPG in the launch and promotion of their Envirobase paint products; as water based paints are more workplace friendly and environmentally safe.

Specially designed spray booths and low bake ovens reduce solvent emissions into the workshop and atmosphere, using the latest dust and fume extraction systems and meeting EPA standards on waste disposal.

Environmentally Friendly Car Wash

When it comes to cleaning, JV Crash has installed the most up to date and environmentally friendly technology available today. The water used in the wash bays goes into a separation tank, then through a filtration system, into holding tanks. The pH level is tested on a regular basis and when the level is down, the water is removed from the tanks by a waste removal company.


JV Crash have most waste materials recycled. Inc. Paper, Cardboard, Oils, Tyres, and Metals.

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